A Beautiful Day at the Ballpark

Simply a drop dead gorgeous day at Bright House Network Field today.

BH Sun

Speaking of drop dead gorgeous, I’m as fond of the Hooters concept as the next guy, but something has to be done about these catastrophic honorary ballgirls down the left field line before somebody gets hurt.  Click on the video from today’s ballgame featuring the Domonic Brown blast over the right field berm, and you’ll hear Sarge say at the opening: “She’s not gonna do this again, I can tell you this right now, okay?”  He’s referring to the young woman in the Hooters outfit looking very detached, who sat there like a statue in her chair while the Yankees’ left fielder, third baseman, and shortstop all converged rapidly on a fly ball that feel just beyond her folding chair.


She seemed to have the opposite problem of the honorary ballgirls in two previous games, who interfered with a ball in play turning it into a ground rule double.  I don’t know, folks, I’m thinking these Hooters girls just aren’t up for the job.  I say give the Tilted Kilt girls a chance to put a glove on and show they understand when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em (I’m referring to their chair, of course).


(Tilted Kilt photo courtesy of Steve Cooper.)

Lineup Yanks

The game itself began with Derek Jeter scratched from his slated start at shortstop due to a cranky ankle.  So this was not exactly a fearsome lineup that Kyle Kendrick was facing, but KK sure looked sharp.  Not only did he have great stuff on the mound and field his position well (ok, we’ll cut him slack on the barehanded play where he fired the ball in the dirt to Ryan “I don’t do windows at first base” Howard), but he was so relaxed before heading to the plate that he decided to rest on a fan’s head near the on deck circle.


I must say that the Yankees fans who were out in full at Bright House today were very well mannered.  Seeing a young lady sporting her allegiance to the Phillies with this message on her back reminded me of a story I read in the papers the other day.


Remember Ruth Ann Steinhagen?  Probably not (she wasn’t the most famous Ruth in the game) –  but she was the crazed 19 year old fan who had a crush on Chicago Cubs’ first baseman Eddie Waitkus.  Though never having met him, she was crushed when the Cubs shipped him to the Phillies in 1949.  When the Phils visited Wrigley Field in June of that year, Ruth Ann sent him a note asking him to meet her in her hotel room and shot him with a rifle.


Waitkus survived, and helped the Phillies win one of their rare pennants in 1950 before losing four straight to the Yankees in the Series.  Ruth Ann passed away in obscurity a few months ago, Eddie long having passed in 1972, well before Robert Redford played his role in the movie, The Natural.  A major star of that 1950 Phils team of course was #1, Richie Ashburn.  I wore a jersey honoring that era to the game today, and an old timer from Connie Mack actually stopped me and asked if he could take a photo with his iPad.


Once again, I was mobbed after the game, by fans seeking autographs from Len the Blogger.  Thankfully Joe, the head usher, was able to provide protection.

Joe After

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3 Responses to A Beautiful Day at the Ballpark

  1. doctuhdon says:

    Great photos, as usual ! Thanks, Len.

    Kendrick’s off speed pitches were sensational. I’m getting excited about this team. Should I curb my enthusiasm ?


  2. You’re welcome, Dan. I’ll permit you qualified enthusiasm. Halladay’s struggles have to be a major concern, offset by in part by Kendrick and Lannan looking sharp and Aaron Cook seeming like the can be an effective spot starter if he makes the club. I have a funny feeling if Doc continues to struggle, we’re going to see him on the 60 day DL. And that isn’t a terrible thing. I’d rather have Kendrick and Lannan move up in the rotation if they’re dependable starters. Doc at 86 mph with poor mechanics and no life on the ball isn’t as effective as Kendrick and Lannan can be at the top of their respective games. Brown now seems poised to have a breakout year, but Ruf has taken a step backward. Howard looks healthy at the plate, but Chase is more of a question mark. They’ve both looked tentative in the field. Michael Young is looking good at third. In sum, guarded optimism.

    • doctuhdon says:

      thanks for your insights and analysis; they are more reliable and have more predictive accuracy than those of our professional sports writers. We need Doc and Chase to be healthy for us to have a legitimate chance to get into the post-season. I agree that Dom Brown is likely to have a very productive year, and will be a key difference maker. I don’t think Ruf is ready for the major leagues, yet. I hope that Nix will stay healthy and will provide us with consistent production at the plate. DAN

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