I was born and raised in Phildaelphia, known to locals as “Philly”, and thought I’d be there forever.  After all, my father was born in Philly, and Phila’elphians primarily stayed in Philly.  But that was back in the day.  The State University of New York’s College of Optometry recruited me to Manhattan, and we transplanted our family to North Jersey.

The rest of the “About” we’ll cover through bits and pieces as we move along.  Time is ephemeral; blogging chronicles how much so.

1 Response to About

  1. Dear Len:

    I enjoyed your Logan blogs. I grew up at 8th and Duncannon. I remember your family and some of the people you mentioned (your father, your sister, Maurice Bach, Ruth Levine) and Ettigner’s shoe store. Could you email me. I have a page on my David Goodis website
    which deals with Mosconi’s (Superior Billiards) in the 1950s and 1960s. I would like to link your Logan blogs or quote from them to give more flavor to the neighborhood. Thanks.

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