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The Beach “Boys”

Talk about a euphemism, they look more like Boyz-2-Geezers than The Beach Boys I recall!  Then again, who am I to talk about aging well?  The most ravaged of the bunch is clearly Brian Wilson, largely due to his well … Continue reading

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A Delray Kinda Day

Nice day today, trekking out to Delray Beach with the family, Layla being leisurely on her birthday and Carson learning to balance on a standup paddleboard by the name of BigBro fittingly enough.  Beautiful weather and beautiful times, capped by … Continue reading

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The Right to Bear Arms

At the Jersey Shore this phrase conjures the right to wear a sleeveless T-shirt more so than it does the second amendment of the Constitution.  But in Florida, there’s no doubt that the right to bear arms as a fundamental … Continue reading

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West Point Revisited: The Jewish Chapel – Part Two

As you enter the hallway where there are tributes and treasures, you’ll be struck by the Torah scroll enshrined in glass.  The plaque above it reads:  “This Torah was written in the 18th century and removed by the Nazis in … Continue reading

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