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They Say It’s Your Birthday

For all us May 1952 birthdays, from Perry Aniloff onward (mine was the 20th, but for all May Days the celebration seems to be a month-long one) …

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Wes Covington’s Batting Stance

It was a long way from home plate to that Ballantine beer scoreboard in center field at Connie Mack Stadium, home to the Philadelphia Phillies when Wes Covington platooned in left for Gene Mauch in the early 1960s.  Whether or … Continue reading

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A Theory of Donald Trump

Aaron James,  a Ph.D. from Harvard and professor and chair of philosophy at UC Irvine, has a theory about a**holes: While James may be the first professional philosopher to squarely hang the a**hole designation on politicians in print and other … Continue reading

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Lebensborn: Hitler’s Forgotten Children

It was 71 years ago, on April 30, 1945, that Hitler reportedly committed suicide in his bunker and on May 23, 1945, that one of his equally infamous henchmen, Heinrich Himmler presumably followed suit while in British custody.  History has … Continue reading

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