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Pun Time

I know – that one was a groaner. But here is a good top 21 Pun List, courtesy of Jake Blatt. 1. Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married. Theceremony wasn’t much, but the reception … Continue reading

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Bernie’s Meme Enjoys Its 15 Minutes

No doubt you’re aware of the Bernie in Mittens and Parka Inauguration Meme. It will enjoy its 15 minutes of fame, fading faster than the ice bucket challenge of the summer of 2014. Here was the original shot that at … Continue reading

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We Need A New Al Gore-ithm

Algorithm. A concise and defined sequence of events leading to an unambiguous conclusion. What is clear, irrespective of one’s political leanings, is that events leading up to and following the November Presidential election in the United States this year have … Continue reading

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A Choral Work from a 1550s Pandemic

This is what Settlement Music School in the Germantown Section of Philadelphia looks like today, the modern brick facade in the shape of a concert piano a significant improvement over the stultifying stone exterior on your left as it was … Continue reading

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Santana Live at Montreux

I didn’t fully appreciate Montreux, Switzerland in the ’70s, the site of an international music festival popularized in a song by the British band Deep Purple, Smoke on the Water. The lyrics begin: We all came out to MontreuxOn the … Continue reading

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