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Claire Levin the Humble Heroine

Steve Pemberton’s new book, The Lighthouse Effect, is a compilation of nine vignettes about ordinary people who had an extraordinary impact in and on the world. It is a sequel of sorts to his previous autobiographical work, A Chance in … Continue reading

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Scenes from the Goldstein Sukkah

Quite an amazing job that our son-in-law David does in putting up a Sukkah that sleeps six, not to mention all the other accoutrements. The Goldsteins did a beautiful job as usual hosting the local “Cousins Club” gathering, which has … Continue reading

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People Love Dead Jews

Oh my … or perhaps Oy vey! You see it front and center in the section on new non-fiction arrivals and can’t believe your bookseller has the balls to display a title whose author and publisher had the gumption to … Continue reading

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Bill Murray and His Suicidal Ideation

I had originally titled this piece “De Facto Deconstruction of Art and of Life” and realized that no one would likely be enticed to read it, or even find it for that matter through a search engine. But Bill Murray … Continue reading

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