Revisiting Logan in the Flesh – Part 4

If you’ve forgotten your blocks going south to north, it’s Hunting Park Ave. to Courtland to Wyoming to Louden to Rockland to Ruscomb to Lindley to Duncannon to Fisher.  If you approach Fisher west of 10th St. you have to make a left toward 10th in order to continue northward.  Here we make a left onto Fisher from 8th.

8th and Fisher


Fisher 10

You’ll no doubt recall the 3 way sign at 10th & Fisher, as Fisher turns into Windrim the west side of 10th.

3 way

Let’s take a right turn on to 10th and a left onto the next block, which is Wagner Ave.

10 Wagner


We’ll continue west on Wagner until we get to Old York Rd. and the remnants of its trolley tracks.

Wagner to Library

Trolley TracksIf you’re still with me, the intersection of Wagner Ave. and Old York Rd. is a very special one, and still may be the prettiest venue in Logan.  Its beauty is derived from the structure that still finds its home there.  I’ll remain silent now, the quietude befitting the Logan Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia, and its magisterial grounds.


Library Side

Library back sidewalk

Library Angle

Library surround

Library sidwalk

Library Lawn

Library Front Steps

Library long view


Library Engraving

About Leonard J. Press, O.D., FAAO, FCOVD

Developmental Optometry is my passion as well as occupation. Blogging allows me to share thoughts in a unique visual style.
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9 Responses to Revisiting Logan in the Flesh – Part 4

  1. Spent many hours at that library. Walked all the way from 4500 Marvine Street.

    • Yes, Penny. We walked or rode bikes everywhere in those days!

      • Yossi Geretz says:

        And sometimes, after the neighborhood had started to turn, we might ride one way and then walk back! 😉 Your photo of the steps leading up to the library shows the wrought iron railing to which I used to chain my bike. And that’s exactly where I found my chain snipped and my bike gone after emerging from an afternoon session at the library.

        Ah well – growing up in Logan – every day was an adventure!

      • Indeed, Yossi. In some ways, growing up in that neighborhood taught us resilience. There was a mix of celebration, laughter, recreation, and challenge, the latter of which taught us something about how to balance courage with resignation. You either developed street smarts, or retained a bitterness over victimization. Looking back, it was generally a good thing to grow up in Logan during the ’50s and ’60s.

  2. doctuhdon says:

    These Logan posts are remarkable. The photos are amazing. I envisioned Logan looking like bombed out Berlin. How has it avoided the inexorable urban decay of the inner city?

  3. Michael Gallaway says:

    I often drive through Logan from PCO as a short cut to Roosevelt Blvd into the city. Had no idea this was your old hood! Great piece Len, the power of memory. Lots of changes, many not for the better, but still lots of life there.

  4. Jeffrey Slemmer says:

    Wonderful with a capital W!!

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