The Rocket City Trash Pandas

It was sad that the Phillies had to give up potential future catching star Logan O’Hoppe to the Los Angeles Angels at the trade deadline to get light-hitting center fielder Brandon Marsh in return. The excuse was that Logan was blocked from advancing in the Phillies organization by Triple A prospect Rafael Marchan, and of course at the major league level by J.T. Realmuto, rumored to be the best catcher in baseball. Of course, Angels’ fans will have to learn that he pronounces his last name “O-Hoppy”, not “O-Hope”.

So off Logan went to the Angels’ double A minor league club, the Rocket City Trash Pandas (you just can’t make these minor league team names up), located in Madison, Alabama which is close to Huntsville. I don’t want to imply that life can be backwards at times in Madison, but the club is working on making sure that their fireworks display shoots away from the crowd instead of into the crowd.

In any event, Logan is off to a good start in his new baseball home, He started behind home plate in the first four games since he was acquired, is doing well defensively, and has three hits all of them home runs, complemented by three walks. I’ll miss seeing Logan in a Phillies uniform in Spring Training, but best wishes to him for continued success!

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1 Response to The Rocket City Trash Pandas

  1. doctuhdon says:

    Rocket City Trash Pandas is the most creative team name. I had to check this history in Wikipedia:

    The name is a reference to both the area’s ( team is in Madison, Alabama) association with the space industry, namely from Huntsville, and the determination and ingenuity of raccoons (which are native to the Huntsville area; “trash panda” is a slang nickname for the animal due to their facial resemblance to the panda and their tendency to dig through trash).

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