Teaching Sportsmanship


It might suffice to say that the girls’  basketball coach of Hillel Yeshiva School located in Ocean, NJ, will not be receiving a sportsmanship award for his actions this evening at Bruriah High School in Elizabeth, NJ.  The poor sportsmanship of the Hillel “fans” who taunt the players of opposing teams is legendary.  But what I witnessed tonight was entirely inconsistent with a school that touts Jewish Heritage and Academic Excellence in its logo.

With the game tied 19-19 at the half, Bruriah turned on its offense and tightened up its defense to take a huge lead.  We arrived late, but in time to see our granddaughter Kayla help the Lightning storm back from an early deficit.


The referees were continuing to call a tight game on both sides and with 18 seconds left, Coach Hillel took the unprecedented action of pulling his team off the foul line and instructing them to come to the bench.  After exchanging words with the ref, he put his coat on and decided that the game was over.


I’ve never personally witnessed such poor sportsmanship, and was left wondering what kind of message this sends to the impressionable girls on both teams.  Perhaps it’s time for the Metropolitan Yeshiva High School Athletic League to take action and sanction a program that seems to have lost the essence of why these games are played.  Oh, and by the way, great form on shooting the technical, Kay!



About Leonard J. Press, O.D., FAAO, FCOVD

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3 Responses to Teaching Sportsmanship

  1. doctuhdon says:

    what a pathetic, puerile prank by the non-coach of non-Hillel !

    Meanwhile, Kayla should serve as a personal free throw-shooting coach to Ben Simmons, who continues to struggle at the foul line.

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