A Lively Afternoon

At noon, still sitting and working/reading in the cafe at B & N, clouds rolled by briskly as if following a musical score played on the telephone wires framing Route 19.

Should I stay or should I go?  Didn’t want to head over to Spectrum Field and waste an afternoon hanging around a rain delay/cancellation, but there was no update about the status of the game on the Phillies website or Twitter as promoted on the the club’s voice message.  The weather app indicated a good chance that appreciable rain would hold off until at least an hour after start time, so off to the park I went.  The game started on time, even thought he forecast remained ominous.

There are very few seats under cover in the stadium, and thankfully only intermittent raindrops fell as Ben Lively lived up to his name handling the visiting Blue Jays batters with relative ease.  Around the fifth inning, as the game closed in or being official, the skies darkened and the winds began to kick up as advertised.


But no matter what the skies look like, you’re bound to see something interesting at the ballpark if you keep your eyes open.  And so it was that Blue Jay’s catcher Russell Martin adventurously circled under a high pop foul in front of a low netting protecting the Phillies manager and coaches – and then went head first over the netting catching his spikes in its web and hanging upright for a moment like a fish caught in a net.  Thankfully the net took more of a beating than Martin, who shrugged it off and went right back to work …

… while the collapsed netting was wheeled off for repairs.

The speed pitch collapsed as well though intentionally, Frenchy’s tent remained folded, and the doors of the merchandise van shuttered as the raindrops picked up in intensity.




I was impressed with how many of the “regular” fans stayed, as I made my way back to the preferred parking lot.


The skies opened up shortly after I drove away, with the game called after the top of the 7th, enabling the Phillies to finally get into the double digit win column now at 10-15 for the spring and remain ahead of the Mets for the race to last place.  The traffic back over the bridge to the beach was light, but the skies were even more ominous than at the ballpark.


Yet this too shall pass, as the skies have already begun to brighten over the gulf, certain to bring the traffic back to heaven on earth.


About Leonard J. Press, O.D., FAAO, FCOVD

Developmental Optometry is my passion as well as occupation. Blogging allows me to share thoughts in a unique visual style.
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