From the Beginning

What an incredible British group they were, and one of their signature songs “From the Beginning” is so nice, you’ll want to hear it twice.

Keith Emerson was the driving force behind the formaiton of ELP, and the band that he left was The Nice, which featured his signature keyboarding.  Emerson influenced guitarist Greg Lake to join him, leaving King Crimson whose signature song was The Court of the Crimson King.

The band became complete in 1970 with the addition of drummer Carl Palmer, formerly of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, whose big hit in the United States was Fire.

Personally speaking, nothing ever approached the beauty and emergence of the ELP sound that they produced on their first album.   Greg Lake captured the essence of the uniqueness of British bands forming in the late ’60s and early ’70s, looking toward European rather than American influences, and particularly that of classical music.

ELP reunited in 2010 for their final performance together.  Keith Emerson died in March, 2016 and Greg Lake followed soon after in December of that year.  The beat goes on with Carl Palmer, who organized a tribute to his departed band mates.

The centerpiece of Carl Palmer’s homage to Emerson, Lake and Palmer is The Legacy Tour, and this rendition of Karl Evil #9 that welcomes back old friends to a show that never ends.

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1 Response to From the Beginning

  1. doctuhdon says:

    A wonderful tribute to ELP, Len ! I fondly recall how much you enjoyed their music back in the 70s . One can’t help but notice how much more articulate and insightful the British rockers are in comparison to their American counterparts

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