Cooper Scooper

I was casually glancing at the program in Surprise, Arizona this afternoon when much to my surprise I noticed a familiar name that wasn’t there previously – Aaron Brown.  But wait a minute … this Brown was listed as a pitcher, and the Aaron Brown we knew from two prior trips to the Fall League was an outfielder.  So I double checked the Desert Dogs website and sure enough it wasn’t a misprint.  The transaction wire shows that Aaron Brown was assigned to the Glendale Desert Dogs as LHP on November 2, 2017.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 7.42.20 PM

I was excited to share the scoop with the Coopers, who are coming out to AZ tomorrow.  Given the Fall Stars Game on Saturday, no game on Sunday or Wednesday, and no appearance on Monday or Tuesday, I figured Brown was bound to pitch this afternoon.  So when I saw what looked like #70 in a Phillies uni begin to warm up in the bullpen in the top of the 7th, I trotted over to the pen for a look, and sure enough!  It was Aaron Brown pounding the mitt of Phils’ catching prospect Edgar Cabral.



Brownian Motion!  It was a thing of beauty.

No, no — not the movement of particles identified by botanist Robert Brown, but the spin on the ball thrown by Aaron Brown, the re-converted pitcher from Pepperdine.  Aaron waited patiently and as soon as the top of the 6th ended, with the Dogs having a comfortable lead, it was show time!


Aaron acquitted himself well on his first outing of the Fall League.  After striking out the first batter he gave up a hit and a walk, but stranded them on base.

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1 Response to Cooper Scooper

  1. Ezra Wohlgelernter says:

    He looks like Sandy Koufax…at least in “slo mo”. A very enjoyable article!

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