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A tale of two games today, the first half of which the Phils forgot to be patient at the plate. Tommy “Vision Therapy” Joseph did hit a two-run home to the top of the Tiki roof in left to put the Phils up 2-0 in the second.  But then impatience kicked in, and the Phils proceeded to get themselves out, swinging at pitches out of the zone while behind in the count.  An exception was Scott Kingery, whose single, double, and homer earned him a coveted post-game interview with Murph.



But the big blow of the game was a three run homer from Brock Stassi in the 8th inning, followed by a monstrous shot off the bat of Aaron Altherr that still hasn’t come down over the Phils’ practice fields.


Not sure what the announced attendance was today, but there were more empty seats at Spectrum  Field today than I’ve seen in a spring game in a long time.  My theory is that because of the early start to Spring Training this year, owing to the WBC schedule, the stadia won’t start to fill up until the March crowd arrives tomorrow.  Even the three highly sought after adult high chairs in center field were vacant today.


It was so quiet at the ballpark that the Phillies and Orioles relief pitchers engaged in casual bullpen conversation without interruption from ogling fans.


Or let me put it to you this way.  There were so few people at the stadium that Dan McDonough had to settle for a nearly fully clad contestant for LLLLLet’s MakeaDeal!


In fact it was so quiet at the stadium that the Hooters Diamond Dugout was half empty, and the two waitresses were left with too much time on their hands to fill.


A beautiful day all around as the Phils’ power supply seduced us into staying to the end to see the self-congratulatory squad shake hands, serenaded  by Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline and Harry Kalas’s High Hopes.





And then, the best ending of all when we returned to our end of February home at the Holiday Inn Express in Dunedin on a Fat Tuesday afternoon.  A fellow Phillie fan who Miriam engaged in casual conversation turned out to be a long-lost online acquaintance of mine, David Kahn.  David and I met on a Phillies chat list about 15 years ago and we shared in a four-way season ticket plan (Hall of Fame Section230 as I recall).  We only met in person once or twice, so it was by chance that as we chatted about schools in Philly that Central High and the name “Press” came up and the memories flowed …


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