Oliver Sacks: The Last Interview

Melville House has a wonderful series of slim paperbacks titled “The Last Interview” with a cross section of public figures who are no longer with us.  They are transcriptions of the last recorded interview with the individual, as well as other conversations that are in most instances only available online in audio.  It is a way for us to hold on to the spirit of these larger-than-life figures just a little bit longer.


The most recent addition to the series is my favorite: Oliver Sacks.  The editor’s note begins: “Dr. Oliver Sacks was ‘morbidly shy’, as one of the interlocutors in this collection notes – which may be why there were relatively few formal interviews with the great neuroscientist, physician, and bestselling author.”

I’ll list for you  here the transcriptions, accompanied by links to their online audio version surprisingly absent from the book:

  1. Neurologist Oliver Sacks: Interview with Terry Gross – Fresh Air, October 1, 1987


2. An Anthropologist On Mars: Interview with Charlie Rose – February 1995.


3. Studs, Sacks, And Left-Handed Skills: Interview with Studs Terkel, 1995.

4. Oliver Sacks On Empathy As A Path To Insight: Interview with Lisa Burrell – Harvard Business Review  – November 2010:

5. The Joy Of Aging: Interview with Tom Ashbrook – On Point  July 18, 2013

6. Dr. Sacks Looks Back: Interview with Robert Krulwich – Recorded live at the Brooklyn Academy of Music – May 5, 2015


… and its BackStory:


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  1. Thank you, Len. What a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving. You are the best, Beth

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