The Magic Number: 108 Years

Hard to believe the Cubs have won the World Series!  How fitting that it was a game for the ages.  So many story lines.  There have only been three previous times in MLB history that Game 7 went extra innings: 1924, 1991, and 1997 – the latter also involving the Cleveland Indians who lost in 11 innings to the Marlins 3-2.  This was the only one involving a rain delay – and I imagine there were few if any time that Game 7 involved a late inning rain delay – in regulation or otherwise.

What I didn’t hear any of the commentators mention after the game was the improbability of Kyle Schwarber DH-ing in this game and going 3 for 5 to finish with his club’s World Series best average at .412.  but more importantly – singling to lead off the top of the 10th and ignite the winning rally.  I was pulling for Schwarber to be one of the heroes of this game, particularly after his cameo appearance in the Arizona Fall League.  It makes Schwarber’s comeback story all the more poignant, as told by Bob Nightengale in USA Today Sports.  But what will be remembered most is what a game; what a comeback being down 3-1; what a job having to win the last two games away; and what a valiant effort by Tito and the Tribe.







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2 Responses to The Magic Number: 108 Years

  1. doctuhdon says:

    A great game granted by the gods of baseball ! Loved the Campbell Faulkner story !

  2. The back stories of baseball are often more captivating than the front but, in this case, wonderful intrigue and feel-goodness 360!

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