Is There A “Right Way” to Have a Heart Attack?

I’m not sure, but I suppose the right way to have a heart attack is to survive it with minimal damage.  The descriptor “attack” still encompasses what goes on when total blockage of the Left Anterior Descending artery of the heart wreaks havoc with cardiac circulation.  My presenting symptoms were not classic, beginning last week with subtle back pressure above my left scapula that intensified on Monday morning.  I’m fairly good at shrugging off signs and symptoms of things that I expect to self-resolve, but this was different.  With the sense that something significant was wrong, we headed to the local hospital’s ER.

I received excellent care at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, from the moment we drove to the ER through the efficiency of the interventional cardiology team.  And they went to work with this procedure:

It was most fortunate that the interventional cardiologist was able to go through my arm with the angioplasty wire and stent.  That enabled me to bounce back pretty quickly and be discharged on Wednesday.  Now the hard work begins …


About Leonard J. Press, O.D., FAAO, FCOVD

Developmental Optometry is my passion as well as occupation. Blogging allows me to share thoughts in a unique visual style.
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4 Responses to Is There A “Right Way” to Have a Heart Attack?

  1. doctuhdon says:

    I am so happy and grateful that everything turned out well for you, Len !

    ברוך רופא חולים !!


  2. And thanks for the shoulder to lean on, my friend …

  3. Dear Len:

    Good luck for a speedy recovery. Those Logan guys are tough!

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