Warner Brothers Studio Tour

If you’re in Burbank with a free day, I highly commend the WB Studio tour to you.  See if you  can get Daniel as your tour guide — excellent job!  It did help that we took the combo golf cart/walking tour with our Fair Lawn friends, the Topiols and Barths.


The Warner Brothers were from a Jewish immigrant family that came to the U.S. near the turn of the 20th century and changed its name, a story that is told both online and in a book based on interviews with Harry Warner’s granddaughter.


A key feature of the tour is the generic use of sets on the lot that the Warner Brothers built.  One is the ubiquitous center of town.


There is the generic house, that was used famously to film many of the sciences in Friends.


Here is the generic set built whenever a Chicago scene is needed with the fake steel girders supporting above ground transit.


Here is faux Central Park whenever a shot-in-New York look is desired.


Pseudo Brownstones …


There is never a need to build two floors on a set, because that would impede flexibility and interchangeability of space utilization.  All the storefronts have faux parts — this is like the Swarovski of construction elements. Everything is at it seems, but nothing more.


And Hollywood is the master of illusion in creating space, part of a technique known as forced perspective illustrated here by making your eyes believe they can walk around a corner (that isn’t really there)!


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