Are You Ready for an Electric Car?

Not sure if I am, but at the price of $43,000 the BMW i3 is a good looking electric car I’d consider.  Some cars look great on the showroom floor, but lose their appeal beyond the halogens and museum setting.  Not so the i3 perched on its pedestal on North Scottsdale Rd. which finally lured me over for a look after a week of drive-by head turning.  [Note added 11/13/15:  see comments below per my chief blog reader D-Wo — pictured here is the i8 not the i3, so your pockets for it will have to be alot deeper — see here]






The windows were blacked out, so couldn’t get a look at the interior, but here’s an online photo.  Notice how BWW is going for the interior design as the pop up laptop look — as if the driving environment mirrors information processing, minimizing the device-withdrawals that may ultimately lessen the distracted driving problem.

BMW i3 Interior Nicer

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4 Responses to Are You Ready for an Electric Car?

  1. Michael Gallaway says:

    I can’t wait to go electric. What’s the range? Very sharp looking!

    Not sure, Mike. From what I see online the sportier coupe I picture may be in the range of 80, and the minivan up to 150 — but I don’t fully understand the extender principle and which model it applies to. You’ll have to do some more digging online or visit the BMW dealership.

  3. doctuhdon says:

    I hate to rain on the parade, but the electric car that you are lusting for is the BMW i8 –$136,500
    starting price. 😩

    The i3 sedan has the $43k starting price; it’s weird looking.

  4. Oh dear — thanks for pointing that out. No wonder I was confused! I unintentionally created a new hybrid. The interior pictured above is of the i3, not the racey and pricey i8 whose exterior I was admiring on the dealer’s lot. Here’s a concise video of the i8:

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