Filter Fish and Rush Ahoma

In what appears to be the final completed piece of his writing to be published, Oliver Sacks authored a piece on Filter Fish for The New Yorker magazine.  Filter Fish is of courase a malapropism for Gefilte Fish, much like one of my former secretaries thought that the mass exodus by Jewish faculty on the eve of Rosh Hashana was called Rush Ahoma.

Gefilte Fish

One can interpret Sacks’s latter essays as harkening to a spiritual time, the Sabbath itself and a food associated with the Sabbath, though this may be purely nostalgia and farewell rather than a sense of yearning.  The subtitle of this essay in the magazine is At life’s end, rediscovering the joys of a childhood favorite.

It may be that in going through his unfinished business there will be discovery of more of Oliver’s work that neared completion.  After all, if unpublished works of Dr. Seuss continue to surprise, it’s not difficult to envision that the work of Dr. Sacks would find similar enterprise.

It remains for the Sacks team to determine whether anything yet unpublished would at some point in the future be made available though his Foundation.

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2 Responses to Filter Fish and Rush Ahoma

  1. Evidently I’m not the only one noticing that Oliver reached out to reconnect to his Jewish roots as he headed toward the finish line of life in this world.

  2. A wonderful clip of Olive in conversation from Santa Monica, CA on November 14, 2013:

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