The End of An Era

His grandfather was a Soloveitchik, but his father anglicized the name to Soloff.  His early life was spent in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, but he grew up in Lakewood, NJ.  His universe was inside the music clubs there, far afield from Talmudic texts that permeated those towns.  It’s unlikely that you knew he played the trumpet for the studio version of this Paul Simon classic.

His fame stemmed mostly from a trumpet solo he did with Blood, Sweat and Tears on Spinning Wheel in 1968.  Lew Soloff left the band in 1973, to enjoy a long career doing what he loved, and during which he worked every day to remain at the top of his craft.  Lew dropped dead on the sidewalk from a massive heart attack after dinner on March 8 at the age of 71.  Some say that’s the way to go …


About Leonard J. Press, O.D., FAAO, FCOVD

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3 Responses to The End of An Era

  1. Marc Rachmuth says:

    Rest in peace, Lew. Thank you for the pleasure of your music. Rest in peace.

  2. doctuhdon says:

    Did not know about this connection. Wow.

  3. Hope the “Hope Springs Eternal” Season is treating you well, my friends. Life is so full of such ittle surprises. Love discovering these tidbits below the radar and behind the scences – perhaps much coheres so well precisely owing to the sum being great than its parts – as was the case with BS&T and the Boys who got together from playing gigs in the Catskills.

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