Last Day at Bright House

Last Day

Finally flagged down Charlie Manuel after the game today to get him to sign one of my favorite photos – a cameo shot I took of him with John Mayberry Jr. in the dugout in a quiet moment after a spring training game a few years ago.


Meanwhile, after the Phillies gave up on him, JMJ is enjoying a resurgence with the New York Mets over in Port St. Lucie this spring, hitting a ridiculous .405 in 42 ABs, with 3 HRs, 9 RBIs, 8 walks and a gawdy 1.136 OPS.  I know – it’s “only” spring training!  Speaking of which, today was our last home game at Bright House before our scheduled flight back to Jersey.

A fun time for some girls in the parking lot prior to the game, enjoying a bachelorette gathering with the bride-to-be veiled under a Phillie Phanatic hat.


Quite an entertaining game on a beautiful 72 degree afternoon with nary a cloud in the sky.  Chase Utley with two huge HRs onto Rt. 19 over the RF wall, and Ben Revere with a great leaping catch to snare a ball over the LF wall.  Looks like Ben will start the season in LF and Odubel (Doooob!) will start in CF.  We’ll see how long that lasts, as only Doooobs’ bat will keep him in the lineup, and he’s falling into very bad undisciplined hacking at the plate of late, picking up bad habit from Ryan Howard who continues to look good while striking out.  Jonathan Papelbon had a brain cramp today forgetting to cover first base on roller beyond the mound – no doubt dreaming of life in another city.  Jeff Francouer unleashed another laser from RF, this time to third base just a little bit high to nab a Tiger who tagged up from 2nd.  Unlikely that Jeff makes the last cut.  Freddy Galvis looked sloppy in the field, and also suffered a brain cramp – getting picked off at first base.  Mike Schmidt spent most of the afternoon on the dugout railing in his beekeeper hat, no doubt wondering if his presence was having any impact on the players.

Today’s game ended in a tie at 4-4 after 9 innings, both sides agreeing that there was no point in going on.  Even Dallas Green was ready to hit the beach!




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2 Responses to Last Day at Bright House

  1. Gail says:

    Yay! You got the picture signed! Hope you enjoy the last days.

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