Sweet Moment at Bright House

An odd day at the park yesterday.  First of all, this character who had clearly oversampled Beers of the World, and was wandering behind the Phils’ dugout, back to the field, yelling “Ole [as in Olay], Ole, Ole, Ole … ”



Then some nice exchanges between our former Hall of Fame third baseman and our future Hall of Fame third baseman (we can always hope, right?).


Aside from Uncle Cody trading notes, you can see where Schmitty hides his beekeeper sun hat with the cord hanging out.  (I know — too much information.)

Speaking of “Ole, ole, ole …”, in the middle innings the Phanatic came rolling out with someone sitting on the back of his scooter in Mexican gear with a pancho and sombrero, shaking maracas.  The public address announcer asked the Phanatic if he knew who the fellow was who he is transporting — he threw off his pancho, took off the sombrero, and put aside his maracas as the announcer revealed that he was a 2011 West Point Grad returning from having been in Kuwait for a year, and his parents came out of the stands who didn’t know he was back!  I didn’t catch his name, but he was on the West Point baseball team for all 4 years, and the crowd gave him a standing ovation as he hugged his parents.  The Phillies may be struggling as a team, but touches like this make coming to the ballpark a sweeter experience.

About Leonard J. Press, O.D., FAAO, FCOVD

Developmental Optometry is my passion as well as occupation. Blogging allows me to share thoughts in a unique visual style.
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One Response to Sweet Moment at Bright House

  1. doctuhdon says:

    Very nice touch with the soldier. Bravo !

    The Phillies have lost four in a row and been outscored 28-3 in the process. They are hitting .190 (21 for 110) in those games. This could be an historically bad season.

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