Meaningless Game


Incense and peppermints, meaningless nouns – as meaningless as today’s exhibition game between the Phils and the U of Tampa Spartans, which the Phils lost 6-2.  Draw your own conclusions.  The only way you could tell that this was a 9 inning scrimmage that they charged admission for is that the Phillie Phanatic was in attendance.  Speaking of whom, guess who graces the cover of the official Spring Training Program of the Phillies?



No surprise on the loss, really, because The Phillie Phanatic was the only one with the team who’s guaranteed to still be here after the trade deadline!  Here was the Phillies starting lineup for today:

Phils lineup

Actually it was nice to see Altherr and Joseph out there, two Arizona Fall League alumni, together with Odubel Herrera who may just prove to be an intriguing story if the can make the team.  Seeing Darin Ruf penciled into the cleanup spot instead of you-know-who was nice too.

Atherr & Joseph


Herrera Contact


And get a load of this:  Darrin Ruf actually stole second base in the third inning, and popped up on the throw past the bag, hustling into third base  Okay, he didn’t score – but only two Phils scored against a college team, one of who got a mercy call at the plate prompting indignant catcalls to the ump  (Come on, Blue!).

Well this is getting a bit long, so we’ll just have to do a Part Two …

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