Let The Games Begin!

UTBvPhilliesWell, kind of.  Spring Training for the Phillies officially opens on Tuesday, with the Phils vs. the Yankees, but there will be an exhibition game tomorrow at Bright House against the University of Tampa.  Lest anyone think this is a simple scrimmage, The UT Spartans are quite an impressive college team and the Phils a quite unimpressive major league team.  Should make the game interesting, as few if any of the Phils players will be in the majors this year.  Certainly none of the scheduled pitchers are – in order, they are slated to be Clemens (not Roger), Aumont, Neris, Ogando, Araujo, and Oliver.

Games like this are a big deal for the college kids.  I recall the exhibition game at Bright House in which Buster Posey played for Florida State University before moving on to the Giants.  Will any of tomorrow’s UT Spartans go on to major league careers?  Unlikely.  But it’s intriguing to look back at some of the current players who starred in college – take Chase Utley, for example, in his UCLA Blue.

UCLA Bruins

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4 Responses to Let The Games Begin!

  1. Marc Rachmuth says:

    Any way this year’s Phillies can play in a college level league. If they are as unseasoned as you say, maybe, ala the Challenger Tour in professional tennis, the Phillies can move down a league (or two) until they are good enough to compete with the “big boys” in “the show”. (Pipe dream, I know.) I like baseball, and I don’t care at what level it is played. I’m a Phillies fan, and I’d like to see them play where they are competitive, rather than a punching bag for the other major league teams. I grew up with the post Whiz Kids and pre-Mauch ’50s version, where a year we didn’t end up in the cellar was a good year. I adored Richie Ashburn and Robin Roberts, and agonized with the futility of Johnny Buzhardt. Oh, well: GO PHILLIES!

  2. Right on, Marc! I’ll never forget the first time my Dad took me to Connie Mack. It was an indelible experience, everything from walking through the ramp and being greeted by that magisterial green field to the cattle herd of men doing their thing between innings in a long horizontal trough the likes of which I had never seen before nor since. Here’s hoping that Amaro Jr. is not learning us down the path of the type of the Phils’ teams Amaro Sr. played on in the early ’60s!

  3. doctuhdon says:

    This is Aumont’s last chance. The kid has too much talent to fail, but he seems to be a poor student of the art of pitching.

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