Spring Fever

Phillies ST 2015 ScheduleBright sunshine now, despite the wind chill in NJ, brings thoughts of Clearwater Beach.  We’ll be driving over the Causeway in time for the first game, an exhibition pitting the University of Tampa baseball team against the Fightin’ Phils.  Unfortunately for the Phillies, with this year’s crop of players, the outcome of that contest is uncertain.  I shouldn’t say that.  The Spartans actually have a better team than the Phillies.  Of course I say that to insulate my heart, given the long, tough season we’re anticipating this will be.

Phils Schedule ST 2015

The Phillies are so devoid of capable position players that there’s even been talk about broadcaster Tom McCarthy stepping on to the field as a non-roster invitee with his golden glove from the highlight reel of Citizens Bank Park.

Nah, not really.  Tom and I know that we can only play vicariously, he through his microphone and me through Tommy Bahama.  Time Marches on …

Tommy Grapefruit

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6 Responses to Spring Fever

  1. Marc Rachmuth says:

    In tennis, a player at the top level having problems can drop out of the ATP tour, down to the Challengers tour, to test his skills, see if he/she has what it takes, and get back that old magic. Andre Agassi did it; so did several others who came back and did well at the top level. Maybe the Phillies, who seem to be doing nothing of note with their farm system, should drop down to the college level. I know that is a fantasy; but it still would do them a whole heap of good, give them a look at the college players, and give us fans entertainment. The Phillies playing as independents on the college level: I’d go for that.

  2. doctuhdon says:

    It will be 7 years of famine, followed by 7 years of plenty.

  3. So, Joe, can’t we accelerate the timetable in your dream a bit? I’d gladly sacrifice some years of plenty for fewer years of famine ….

  4. doctuhdon says:

    To dream the impossible dream !


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