Scottsdale Scorpions Roster

Wow.  14 seconds from contact to crossing the plate on this speedsters’ inside the park home run.  Roman Quinn is one of the few bright spots in a Phils depleted farm system.  He’s a 21 year-old who was an outfielder in high school but converted to shortstop when he reported to the Crosscutters in 2012.  In 2013 he broke his wrist in the second half of the season and missed the first six weeks of this year with a ruptured Achilles.  He can always go back to SS to take Jimmy Rollins’ place when J-Roll finally retires, but in the interim the Phils are putting his speed, glove and arm to good use in center field.  

scorpionsQuinn is the main prospect I’ll have my eye on this October/November as he represents the Philadelphia Phillies in the Arizona Fall League.  The roster of the club was announced today.  Quinn is likely to be the only Phils’ prospect generating excitement this year in the AFL but one never knows.  I was hoping to see Aaron Nola, the Phils #1 draft pick this year who’s on a meteoric rise, but he’s thrown too many innings already this year and the Phils are shutting him down for the winter.  

Other than the switch-hitting, fleet-footed Quinn, the Phils have only one other position player on the Scorpions, left-handed hitting catcher Logan Moore.   With a .213 average and minimal power at Reading, the 24 year-old Moore is likely in the AFL by default.  The Phils have four pitchers lined up to go.  They are Colton Murray, Ryan O’Sullivan, Ethan Stewart and Nefi Ogando.  There is one more roster spot they have the potential to fill.

Murray is probably the best of the lot, going 1-5 with a 2.30 ERA at Double-A Reading,  O’Sullivan is 5-8 with a 4.23 ERA at Reading, making 35 appearances (10 starts), and Stewart is 5-7 with a 4.88 ERA at Clearwater in 26 games (16 starts). Ogando was 5-1 with a 6.62 ERA and five saves at Reading, and as I recall had a brief call up this year to the Phils and pitched nicely in the game he was thrown into.

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3 Responses to Scottsdale Scorpions Roster

  1. says:

    you’re an even bigger fan for the Phillies than I am for the Cubs (for 85 years). great article interview with you in this month’s OM!!!!!! VERY impressive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right proud of you.

  2. Thanks, Jack! Two very long-suffering franchises!

  3. doctuhdon says:

    I am very excited about Roman Quinn. This organization needs to be focusing on the young talent and moving on from the players of the last decade.

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