Blue Jay Way

Flyers Cartoon


No trash talk here.  The only Winter we celebrate on Clearwater Beach is a dolphin.  Even though Spring has officially sprung, I see Old Man Winter isn’t done yet back home.  Yo, maybe it’s a good omen after all that you can’t rule old men out!  Looks like two to four in and around the Jersey Shore.  No big deal – just enough to wreak a little havoc with the office schedule up North no doubt.

Snow totals


Getting ready to head over soon to Dunedin for the last of our 3 pack games vs. the Jays.  Everything about that stadium is throw-back, including the parking.  Unlike Bright House with it’s separate preferred parking lot for season ticket holders who purchase the optional pass, the Toronto Blue Jays have a very small general parking lot.  Unless you get there relatively early, the only way you get into the lot is if you’re a season ticket holder.  Otherwise you’re left to fend for yourself in the open market of the VFW lot or neighborhood front yard parking.  We’re talking about 1950s back-wood Florida sawdust-like lawns, and I say that in a fond throwback way.  The amount you pay is directly proportional to the distance you’re willing to walk to the stadium.  Lot parking is $15 and lawn parking ranges from $10 if you’re close down to $3 if you’re willing to take a hike.


Well … there’s a fog upon LA in the Beatles’ Blue Jay Way, but we’re hoping the clouds don’t be long where Toronto plays the Phils’ today.

Looking forward to seeing Dallas Green in his hunting hat perched in the first row behind home plate.  David Buchanan starts, with another shot to surprise his way onto the Phils’ roster.  To Dunedin we go for baseball’s version of The Magical Mystery Tour!


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