Busy Day at the Ballpark

YutzAccording to Wikipedia, Yutz is a commune in the Moselle department in Lorraine in north-eastern France, close to the borders with both Luxembourg and Germany. It was created in 1971 by merging the old communes of Basse-Yutz and Haute-Yutz.  A different kind of Yutz inhabited Row 7 of Bright House Field this afternoon.

Yutz 2

They make an announcement at the beginning of each game to the effect that anyone interfering with the ability of other fans to enjoy the game will be ejected.  Well this Yutz in the row ahead of us took to yelling in the latter innings at the opposing pitcher: ‘”Wait!  Stop!  Don’t throw it!  Okay now!  No don’t!”

Perhaps if more people spoke up, this Yutz would keep his yap in check.  Spring training is supposed to be a tranquil environment of enjoyment, win or lose.  Thankfully we’re typically surrounded by very good people, just like these:


‘Nuff said.  Now to baseball itself.  Here was this afternoon’s starting lineup as the Phils went against the Boston Red Sox at Bright House.

Lineup FriWait a minute.  Ronny Cedeno at third base?  What gives?  There’s been a running battle between Maikel Franco and Cody Asche for time at third, but starting Cedeno?  Uh-oh.  When I checked my email I found out the bad news.  Freddy Galvis, super-sub, has MRSA!  That’s a nasty infection that’s going to have Freddy out for awhile, so Cedeno will probably get a long look as the potential replacement, as their styles are similar.

There’s a sign as fans exit the ballpark on the way to crossing Old Coachmen Road.  Walking to the car today the sign seemed ominous.

Trail Sign

As well as Cedeno played 3B, we missed our favorite young Phillies player in the lineup today.  Evidently all’s well, as he looked fine lined up for the anthem.


It seems that no matter what happens with the Phils, the one stabilizing force is Cliff Lee – and he looked crisp as could be again on a beautiful afternoon at Bright House.










Not only is Cliff masterful on the mound.  He acquits himself well at the plate and runs balls out to first base that puts some other non-hustling position players on the club to shame.






I’ll mention two other observations from Spring Training.  One is that Larry Bowa is the antsy-est bench coach I have ever seen.  Up and into the dugout and a moment later back into his chair.  No wonder he had to get back into a baseball uniform.  He’d go stir crazy without one on his back!



The other observation is that there are some fans here who know a thing or two about serious hat stylin’ to manage the Clearwater sunshine.


2 hat

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Developmental Optometry is my passion as well as occupation. Blogging allows me to share thoughts in a unique visual style.
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