Soft Pretzels With Mustard

SubwayHere’s one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite raconteurs of observational comedy.  “Did you ever notice those people on a subway platform leaning over the edge, peering down the tunnel?  What do they think they’re going to see?  Do they expect to see a guy come rowing out in a gondola?”

Here is David Brenner’s first appearance on The Tonight Show that launched his career.

Johnny Carson introduced Brenner as being “warped”, which may be a prerequisite for a professional comedian, and Brenner’s humor remained warped to the end – if his website is any indication.

Like another famous Jewish comedian, Jackie Mason, Brenner came from a family of distinguished Rabbis though his father was a vaudevillian performer and his comedic influence.  He always associated himself with his Phila’elphia roots, witnessed by the title of his autobiography.

Brenner Pretzels

RIP: Raised in Philly, and a special breed of comedian who will be missed.

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