Always More Fun When You Win

That’s just the nature of sports.  It’s always more fun to be a fan when you win.  Today’s 6-2 Phils victory over the Yankees had everyone in a good mood, even Manager Ryne Sandberg who was busy doing damage control over the J-Roll fiasco.

There was the mixed couple in front of us, dad & son with their Yankee hats and mom & daughter with Phillies gear.


A cute moment was when little fellow in red, who was gathering his share of balls, caught one tossed from the on-deck circle and shared it with the young lady in pink behind him.  What a great kid!


There were balls aplenty in our section this afternoon, and both moms and dads were wonderful in making sure that everyone shared in the good fortunes.


I say all the adults were wonderful, with the lone exception of these curmudgeons who were sitting a couple of rows below us and snagged balls that players were trying to loft to the kids. That is until the wisdom of the crowd shamed them into giving the kids their enjoyment.


A few other thoughts from today’s game.  Roberto Hernandez was a pleasant surprise, and with our pitching woes we surely needed it!  Even though this was a Yankees split squad, most of their starters played in the game at Bright House, as pointed out to me by Coop – who also pointed out that this was the first spring training game incorporating the correct intro for Chase Utley’s at bat.

And even though the sun beat down upon my face, the wind made it a little bit chilly despite the 62 degree temperature reading on the scoreboard.  Chilly enough that the Hooters girls were wearing orange pants in their perch along the first and third base lines.


The Phils also flashed their left-handed defensive shift, figuring teams that dish it out against Ryan Howard also have to be abel to take it – in this instance it’s against Mark Teixiera that Cody Asche is the sole Phillie playing the right side of the infield, with Chase Utley playing short RF.


Here’s an interesting generic observation.  Baseball is fairly unique in one tradition, where a player who comes back to the bench who failed to execute is totally unacknowledged.  There is no nice try, no pat on the back, no anything.  On the other hand if a hitter sacrifices, or hits the ball to the right side allowing a runner to advance, high fives all around even though he didn’t get on base.  That’s the way it’s always been and the way it will always likely be – one of the unwritten rules of baseball etiquette.  Here’s Chooch heading back to the dugout getting the silent treatment.


A new ritual for Bright House fans occurs at game’s end, with the Wawa free iced tea giveaway lineup.


I’ll leave you with some nice sequence shots from today’s game.





















About Leonard J. Press, O.D., FAAO, FCOVD

Developmental Optometry is my passion as well as occupation. Blogging allows me to share thoughts in a unique visual style.
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