The Bucs Stop Here

Last month the Pittsburgh Pirates signed Taiwanese left-handed pitcher Yao-Hsun Yang to a minor league contract with an invitation to Spring Training.  He communicates solely through a translator who comes to the mound when either the catcher or pitching coach needs to speak with him.  As you can see in this video (he’s the lefty in the center throwing to #19 Stewart, the same catcher who caught him today) Yang’s pitches have a tendency to tail to the left, crowding left-handed hitters.

Unfortunately one of his pitches this afternoon tailed inside and hit the wrist of our favorite Phillies, Cody Asche, with a thud that sent a shudder through the stadium.  No translation needed.  It sounded like a cracked bat and Cody was visibly in pain, though it’s a relief that early reports based on ultrasound say it’s merely a deep bruise.  I can’t imagine that the Phils won’t run X-rays, but if Asche’s wrist bone is intact he has to be the bionic man.











Here is a video clip of the hit, and a brief post-game interview.  Plus this morning, added a story with a nice photo of Cody earlier in the game flipping over a rail down the third base line in pursuit of a foul ball.

Cody Over Railing


And the latest update from just in reports that Cody took place in fielding drills today and will swing the bat tomorrow.  He’ll be out of the lineup for a couple of days, but that’s welcome news given the scare when he was first hit.

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5 Responses to The Bucs Stop Here

  1. doctuhdon says:

    Why don’t the trainers immediately ice down the injury site when these guys get beaned ? Seems logical. BTW, did you get to exchange stand-up material with Jon Lovitz ?

  2. No — was Lovitz at the game today?

  3. Had no clue! Just went online and found the connection: “Comedian Jon Lovitz showed up at Phillies camp Sunday, chatting with prospect Kelly Dugan before the game. Lovitz knows Dugan’s father well. Dennis Dugan is a filmmaker who has directed such movies as “Problem Child,” “Happy Gilmore” and “Big Daddy”.

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