Is It Really 50 Years?



I’m watching the CBS celebration of the 50 year anniversary of the appearance of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show.  There isn’t that much that can be told about that night that hasn’t already been written or shown.  I distinctly recall the hoopla leading up to the show and was watching spellbound as an 11 year-old, realizing that history was in the making.  CBS and the Grammys put together quite a nice tribute to the lads tonight culminating with Paul and Ringo performing together on a broadcast for the first time since the group dissolved, with Cirque du Soleil descending from overhead.




Beatles 2






Beatles Background




Paul Good










Fab 4


Paul on keys


Paul on Piano




Ringo & Paul 1


Paul & Ringo 2


Stage Nice





About Leonard J. Press, O.D., FAAO, FCOVD

Developmental Optometry is my passion as well as occupation. Blogging allows me to share thoughts in a unique visual style.
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6 Responses to Is It Really 50 Years?

  1. Marc Rachmuth says:

    I didn’t realize, or even think,about, the Beatles first appearance on Ed Sullivan’s show was making history; but I was very much bowled over by the Beatles. It took me out of a shell and a shyness I, as a 15 year old, had put myself in. I started to listen to the rock and roll (remember, we used to call it that), and had something to share with others my age. The music experience, and the journey I embarked on that night have not yet stopped.

  2. Well put, Marc. I so vividly recall standing outside the garage of a friend in the driveway across from my home in 1964, listening a Beatles song and thinking: Wow, this is really different!

  3. S. David Moche says:

    Leonard, funny, I was just thinking about Rafa Fredman and googled him and guess where I ended up. I graduated 1972. Remember how he ate the whole apple, BUT for the stem. Did you ever find him?

  4. doctuhdon says:

    great photo montage, Len. Where are the famous Pressvision Blog video clips ? I didn’t get to see the Grammys, though I heard all about the acknowledgments to the past supergroups; e.g, the Fab 4, Chicago, etc. Does anyone see what I see when I look at Paul McCartney ? Doesn’t he look like an old woman ? Ouch. Will you still love me when I’m 64 ?

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