Asche – Rhymes with Cody



Proud to say that we’ve been following Cody Asche since the Arizona Fall League, pegging him as a legit candidate to be the Phils’ first regular 3B since Scott Rolen.  He is almost the spitting image of Chase Utley in the way he goes about his business, as the experts say.  In Cliff Lee’s words, “Cody plays the game the right way”.



When we cheered for Cody in Spring Training, still a relative unknown, people asked us if he was our son.  “He’s our adopted baseball son”, Miriam would say.  When I gave him a copy of the book we put together of AFL photos, he was touched.  Aspiring ballplayers aren’t used to people giving them things unconditionally, for the sheer joy of celebrating the game.




Off to a slow and perhaps nervous 1 for his first 17 start at the plate, Cody has maintained a .300 average since, raising his average to the mid .25os.  His defense has been excellent and he runs the bases well, surprising people with his speed.  His hustle and determination were never in doubt.  It’s been so much fun watching his rapid ascent that we’ve decided to take in a week at the AFL again this Fall to get a preview of how Phuture Phils might Phare (Ph balance be damned).

Cody tweaked his hammy last night, but hopefully it’s a brief setback.  No rush in getting him back into the lineup.  Seems Sandberg realizes Cody’s here for the long haul.

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8 Responses to Asche – Rhymes with Cody

  1. Daniel WOHLGELERNTER says:

    Looks like Cody is the real deal ! Y’all were right !

  2. Yes he is. Had a rough game today at the plate, but his fielding has remained stellar. Bowa was raving about him on the post-game show today, and Sandberg paid him the highest compliment by saying: “He’s a ballplayer”. Those are the guys we love to “discover” – and am hoping that we get to see Cameron Rupp exhibit some good tools as Chooch’s potential heir behind the plate.

    • doctuhdon says:

      Amen, though I’m not giving up on Tommy Joseph. I believe he has MLB potential, if this concussion issue doesn’t continue to plague him.

  3. doctuhdon says:

    Let’s not forget to give a shout-out to our favorite Jewish pitcher currently pitching in the majors- BJ Rosenberg !

  4. Tommy is having a rough time, from what I gather. The word is that he still has concussion symptoms, lingering from May, and could be forced to change positions. Catcher isn’t a good position for someone on his third concussion, with symptoms lingering this long. He’ll likely have to learn another position, and his once bright future looks very much in doubt. I wish him well.

    • doctuhdon says:

      this is very disappointing news about Tommy Joseph. On a happier note, I like the Boruch Yosef appellation for BJ; you should send that it in to Yeshiva World News !

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