Memorial Day at the Shore – Part 2

Point Pleasant Beach is open for business!

… sort of … witness the White Sands, with its patio and pool amenities still gone.

White Sands

Sands pool

sands walk

white sands rebuild

The morning sun brings the brilliant dazzle of the Atlantic, too windy for many to brave the beach.

Morning Ocean

But in time, the boardwalk swells with the foot traffic of kids and their parents, prime weather for rides, games, and prizes.  Get a load of the 2013 models!

new prizes

Games more of chance than skill.  Skill is this:

wood carving

Or, Bro, the Flying Mueller Brothers

Flying Mueller Bros

Those boys have skill.  Chance is more like Fatima’s Psychic Reading.  If Fatima really wanted to show me something, she would have predicted Sandy’s coming.


One thing you can predict with certainty is that on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in late May, there will be a line to get in to Martell’s Tiki Bar.

Tiki Line

The rebuilt Tiki Bar pier looks better than ever, as does it’s bottom tier, packed with patrons of all ages, but mostly young people.

Tiki long

tiki bottom

I said, mostly young people …


It was too windy for the wizard to work on the Sandy Castle.  But the sign says that 4000 have volunteered thus far – fantastic!

Sandy Sign

So the carving of the castle has begun.  Here’s a model from Ed, exhibiting what the final craftsmanship will look like.

castle model

Take a look at this photo of the projected final product – what craftsmanship!

castle photo

Soon the wood will come off, supplying the carver with his raw material to sculpt the magic castle.  Amazing to think it will have a doorway entrance with a hollow center core much as the Statue of Liberty.  Ingenuity, creativity, visualization, and lots of volunteers’ buckets …

Castle distance

castle closeup

About Leonard J. Press, O.D., FAAO, FCOVD

Developmental Optometry is my passion as well as occupation. Blogging allows me to share thoughts in a unique visual style.
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