Annual Jo-El Pilgrimage

I blogged in some detail about Jo-El a couple of years ago.  So why is this year different from all the other years?  Owing to the relatively early arrival of Pesach/Passover this year, and in anticipation of our attending Seder with family in Florida this week, we made two treks to the Pride of St. Pete – once to order last week, and one today to pick up.  Winner of the “New to the Jo-El Line of Impulse Items Near the Checkout Counter” this year is the Matzah Yarmulke, sure to make a hit at any Seder.  Maybe it’s just me, but seems you have to be a little bit flakey to wear that thing unless you’re just going for the quick crack ’em up joke. In any event, here this year’s images updating our Annual Jo-El Pilgrimage.

JoEl Sign

Joel Matzah Yarm

JoEl Bear Reg

JoEl Bear Matzah

JoEl Wines

JoEl WiFi

JoEl Kashrus

JoEl Hot Dog

JoEl Hanging

JoEl Locks

JoEl Soup

JoEl Emergency

JoEl Menu

JoEl & Wiesel

JoEl Checkout Line

JoEl Mustard

JoEl Kitchen Towel


JoEl Beeswax

JoEl Himself

“We Have All Of Your Passover Needs Covered”

JoEl Impulse Cover

… and if you still don’t have plans for the intermediate days, word is they’re still accepting entries for Jo-El’s Invitational Gefilte Fishing Tournament.  Just tell Joel that Len the Blogger sent you; it’s better than a like on Facebook …

JoEl Fishing

About Leonard J. Press, O.D., FAAO, FCOVD

Developmental Optometry is my passion as well as occupation. Blogging allows me to share thoughts in a unique visual style.
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3 Responses to Annual Jo-El Pilgrimage

  1. Daniel Wohlgelernter says:

    Love the matzah yarmulke !



  2. Laya says:

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that yarmulke before.
    Does the famous Jo-el also have the needs of vegetarians Pesach observers covered?
    Have a great pesach . The weather here is lousy….

  3. I’m impressed — thought that yarmulke was a new model for this year. Yes they do! Jo-El has it all. Have a great Pesach as well; sorry to hear about the weather. We’ve been complaining about the Gulf Coast weather because it’s in the mid 60s most days, but am on the Southeast Coast now and it’s in the low ’80s. Stay warm up there, and best wishes for a successful Long Branch Hilton week!

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