First Walk-off


Adam Morgan started for the Phils today, and Gelb & Brookover tell us not to read too much into it.  The kid looked real sharp against the Braves.

Morgan 2


Darrin Ruf would score the first two runs for the Phillies today, and the last run as well in the form of the first walk-off  victory of the spring – the most thrilling kind to the fans – a walk-off homer.  We heard the welcome news on the way back to the beach.



We actually left in the 8th inning when it started to sprinkle as menacing rain clouds made a swirl around the stadium skies.

Cloud Swirl


Clouds Deepen


As we made our way through the concourse, the memorabilia auction was just winding down.  This is essentially an opportunity for middle aged and older men to dispose of some income for the privilege of living in the past.  I should know — I’ve succumbed to some of these treasure troves myself recent years.  But I’m proud to say not this time around!  I haven’t hovered around the table in March, yet alone put my name on the list with a bid.

Auction Actually bidding on the memorabilia is not the #1 extracurricular male spectator sport in the stadium.  The #1 side show is of course Dan McDonough and his version of Let’s Make a Deal, that always find gentlemen standing in the aisle, heads pointed due North, as they were for Savannah who picked box #2 but won the big prize anyway because we made enough noise in support of Dan McD’s request.



It’s all part of what makes Clearwater Florida’s number one sports town according to Sports Illustrated.


Well, that’s a wrap for today’s game and as Spring Training races to its close this final week, some of us in Section 114 will be heading back ahead of the Phils.  It just won’t be the same when the Phils don’t get a call by the home plate ump they deserve without that familiar “Come on, Blue!”




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