Pain in the Ace

Four Aces

How we long for the days that didn’t seem so long ago, when the Phillies had four aces and are now reduced to one.  Cole Hamels is the only pitcher the Phils have who seems poised to be dominant.  The Phils kind of guessed that, announcing that he would be their opening day pitcher this year.  What they didn’t count on is that the two former aces, Halladay and Lee, would wear down as fast as they have.  Halladay’s outing yesterday, getting smacked around by the Tigers’ reserves, with reduced velocity and little life on the ball, is officially worry material.

LeeAs if Doc’s preciptious dip weren’t bad news enough, tonight’s game in Tampa against the offensively challenged Yankees witnessed Cliff Lee getting tagged for 5 runs and throwing 71 pitches without making it through the third inning.  To cap it off, he threw a simple comebacker to the mound wide enough to draw John Mayberry off 1st base.  John’s a long guy, so for him to leave the bag for a wide throw tells you how off it was.  After the game or in the morning we’ll here the usual spin about how no one on the Phils is really worried about Cliff because … well because they just don’t worry about these things.   That’s our job, as fans.


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4 Responses to Pain in the Ace

  1. Michael Gallaway says:

    You scooped the inquirer, did you see it yesterday on Doc?

  2. Nope; just took a look and unfortuniately it’s pretty obvious Doc is a shell of himself. You don’t have to be a sports writer to firgure it out. For a change of pace would be nice to have the facts. There’s more spin on Doc’s interview than there is on his pitches.

    • doctuhdon says:

      This is very depressing, Len. I was riding high because of the impressive spring performances of Dom Brown, Ryan Howard, Kevin Frandsen, Ben Revere, and Michael Young, and now we are confronted with the harsh reality that Halladay and Lee are no longer elite pitchers. Time to consult with Roger Clemens regarding intelligent use of PEDs ? DAN WOHLGELERNTER

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