Annual T-Shirt Contest

Here’s a good trivia question for baseball fans:  In spring training, when teams play split squad games on the same day, do the results of both games count in the standings?  Here are the standings thus far, and the answer to the trivia question is at the bottom:



The results of split-squad games count, but games against non-major league teams don’t.  So for example the Phils game in which we were wiped out by the Dominican Republic doesn’t count, other than Charlie Manuel having lost a side bet with Juan Samuel over the outcome.  Sammy, this year’s first base coach of the Phils after Ryne Sandberg’s promotion displaced him from the third base spot, is the third base coach of the Dominican team.  As a result of the thrashing Cole Hamels took from the D.R., this T-Shirt now hangs in front of Charlie Manuel’s locker.



(Not really, but makes for a cute story, doesn’t it?)  Speaking of T-Shirts, it’s time for our annual Spring T-Shirt Contest.  I know — we’re too early for the St. Patty’s Day T’s due to break out next week.  But the Phils are traveling to Port Charlotte today to play the Rays, and I’m not, so we have a little extra time to post useless information.  Without further adieu, here are this year’s winners:

Kids Category



Geriatric Category



Politically Incorrect Category



Pissed-Off-At-Work Category



Optimism Category



Mister Moo-Stash Category



And as a special bonus this year, a new entry – Best Hat Category:

Beer Hat


… and this isn’t just a good looking hat.  It took the best hat category because of its functionality.  Look at the built-in bottle cap opener on the underside of the brim!

Beer Inside


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Developmental Optometry is my passion as well as occupation. Blogging allows me to share thoughts in a unique visual style.
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One Response to Annual T-Shirt Contest

  1. Gail says:

    Those were some funny tshirts. Which one will you be wearing today?

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