Bryce Harper and Sports Vision Therapy

HarperTwo years ago, on my sister professional blog, I wrote about a colleague Dr. Keith Smithson in Virginia who fit Bryce Harper with contact lenses and was doing sports vision therapy with him.  There was a nice article in the Washington Post over the weekend updating this story, and Dr. Smithson’s work in vision therapy with some of Bryce’s teammates on the Washington Nationals.  The Nationals will be in town day after tomorrow to face our Fightins in their only spring training appearance at Bright House.  It’s a long drive from Viera, just north of Cape Canaveral, so I’m not sure that Bryce will make the trip, but despite the fact that they compete with my hometown Phillies, I have to root for the guy.


baseball child

I don’t know Dr. Smithson personally, but I do know Dr. Carl Hillier very well who works with the San Diego Padres.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with a fair number of aspiring baseball players through the years, helping them to optimize their visual abilities, and it is enjoyable following their paths particularly because I love the sport.  But working as a team consultant is another matter.  In a sense, it would make it difficult to be fan, and having a vested interest in team dynamics that one can’t control probably makes it bittersweet to follow the team.  But if David Montgomery is interested, I have a great colleague in South Jersey …


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2 Responses to Bryce Harper and Sports Vision Therapy

  1. Greg Domer says:

    Hello Dr Press, I am a physician living in South Jersey and came upon your blog while doing some research on sports vision therapy. My son is a 3 sport athlete, but was recently found to have an abnormal eye exam. One eye provides 20/15, while the other is an abysmal 20/70. The optometrist could not satisfactorily answer my questions regarding options regarding vision correction: thus, my journey to self educate. I have ordered a couple of books by Graham Erickson and Michael Peters. However, clearly, I can never hope to achieve the expertise of an experienced specialist. Who is the colleague in South Jersey you make reference to?

    Thank you,
    Greg Domer, MD

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