Batmen and the Joker

GrapefruitYou can get a nice synopsis of today’s Phillies Grapefruit League game from David Murphy.  I will say that the fielding by the starters was crisp, and kept me interested until Jonathan Papelbon came in and was taken deep twice in the same inning.  While Miguel Cabrera’s lunar shot over the Tiki Bar garnered alot of attention, it was the long homer by prospect Nick Castellanos with a runner on that is more cause for concern.  Any time a #79 gets the better of a #58, there’s a problem.  Once again we were left discussing how well our starter pitched for 2 innings – a small consolation prize.

Tiger FanI should have known it was an omen when this Tiger Fan showed up in his navy blue shirt with sheer sleeves and orange dyed hair parted forward from the nape of his neck.  I didn’t get the connection to The Joker at first, then figured out he (along with five hundred of his best friends) must have taken a wrong turn looking for Joker Marchant Stadium in Lakeland.  That row of kids chanting “Let’s Go Tigers, Let’s Go” pierced the usual serenity of Spring Training games at Bright House.  Seems like obnoxiousness is creeping into the stands earlier and earlier each season.  Every hitter became a “Let’s Go”, from the stars to the non-descript, as my buddy Coop did his best to neutralize the chants from the Joker Marchant crew.

Good things we have fans to counteract the visiting Jokers, ay?











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