The Wheez Kids 30 Years On

tourneau_lgI admire fine watches, and Tourneau’s corner in Manhattan certainly corners the market in elegance.  But I look forward to another Tornoe corner, the one that celebrates Philly sports in lampoon fashion.  Rob Tornoe creates the cartoon graphic, and readers at submit their best tag lines, modelled after the New Yorker online cartoon contests.  It’s been 30 years since the 1983 Phillies were dubbed The Wheez Kids, due to their age, a parody of the 1950 Whiz Kids who brought a pennant to the city.  Some have said over this winter that the 2013 Phillies will have trouble competing because of their age, a sentiment captured by Rob Tornoe’s cartoon.

phillies cartoon


We’ll be heading down to Florida in a little bit, looking forward to a reprieve from the cold.  The Phils still won’t be old relative to the median age in the stands, but we won’t get a good feel for the stamina of the club until the Fall comes and they’re still standing.  Mike Schmidt is in camp, the skies look spectacularly blue online, and everyone thinks they have a chance to succeed.  It’s a glorious time to re-visit the purity of the game in Clearwater, when Dan McDonough scopes the stands for attractive young ladies to bring up on the dugout to play LLLLLet’s Make A Deal!  It can be a hefty price tag to indulge oneself in the luxury of spring training, but if you’re a fan there is little else as rewarding.  Just resist the temptation of a Tommy Bahama Special Edition Spring Training Shirt, unless you have $158 + tax burning a hole in your pocket.


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1 Response to The Wheez Kids 30 Years On

  1. Gail says:

    Love the cartoon! See you on Saturday!

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