Shmelke’s Son

rebbesoulIf you graduated college in the 1970s, chances are you attended a wedding where you high stepped in a choreography line to the snappy “Shmelke’s Nigun”.  It’s been awhile, so here for your your listening pleasure is a link to Rebbe Soul’s jazzed up version of SNL (Shmelke’s Niggun Live).  Take note of the opening count-in, which sounds like a fusion of the Royal Guardsmen’s intro to Snoopy vs. the Red Baron with Sam the Sham & the Pharaoh’s intro to Wooly Bully.

I’m not here to tell you about Shmelke, also known as Reb Shmuel Brazil, but rather to spread the word about his son, Dov.  Dovy is a favorite in our family, married to our niece Yocheved, both of them among the sweetest people alive.  Clearly music is in his family and permeates his soul, and the fruits of his compositional skills can now be heard in a new song (Ki Ein) by an emerging singer Yonatan Shlagbaum.


PrintAs if that weren’t sufficiently exciting, Dovy also shared the news that he sings (together with Yanky) on a piece composed by his good friend Avraham Tzvi Klein entitled “Visashpia”.  I now live vicariously through these young men.

ותשפיע רוח קדשך עלינו, שנהיה דבקים בך
ושנשתוקק תמיד אליך יותר ויותר

I love Klein’s description of his inspiration for the song:

“Three years ago on the yahrtzeit of Reb Elimelech from Lizensk, the holy Noam Elimelech, my Rebbi in yeshiva Sh’or Yoshuv taught our Shiur a tefillah that Reb Elimelech wrote. The Tefillah touched the deepest parts of me, inspiring this Nigun.”


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4 Responses to Shmelke’s Son

  1. Daniel Wohlgelernter says:

    A moving and beautiful post ! Many thanks, Len.

  2. yocheved brazil says:

    Thanks so much for posting and for your kind words, Uncle Lenny!

  3. You’re welcome, Dan. As always, appreciate the time you take to absorb the blogs and to comment.

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