Ben’s Deli in Boca – Part Two

Bens Salami

Bens MapAs you can tell, Ben has a sense of humor about him.  I suppose it’s part of the charm of this NY Deli transplanted charm.  Some of that cultural humor translates to the menu:


In Part 1 I mentioned how we stumbled onto Ben’s, but there is a serious side to enjoying the ambience.  Beyond the food, the interior design is very tastefully done.  Ben’s rightfully boasts of his collaboration with Yoshino Architects/YT Design Group in creating the visual aesthetic that complements the gut instincts of the place.  Joining in the effort was Greenwald Design who did the typgrpahic posters.  As they describe it — A long-standing designer client of ours came to us with an interesting project: a Kosher Delicatessen that needed eclectic art reflecting their core audience. The art needed to reflect the Jewish community without being so esoteric that it was not understandable by everyone.

For example, one wall placard reads:


Here’s one that will bring a knowing smile and nod from my deli buddies, Irwin Suchoff and Iz Greenwald:


… And there are signs that provide good food for thought …


… and signs that provide good thought for food or any business …


… signs just for snow birds …

snow bird

… and my favorite …

Eye Chart

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2 Responses to Ben’s Deli in Boca – Part Two

  1. doctuhdon says:

    great post. We’ve never been to Ben’s Deli, but now I have an extra special reason to visit La Vida Boca ! Dan W.

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