Sinai School Runs The Table!

stick_figure_lift_building_blocks_10482They did it!  The expression “running the table” is usually used in football, where there are relatively few games per season, to indicate an undefeated season all the way through the Championship Game.  Well today the Sinai School Team coached beautifully by Michael Gutlove and Chana Shields took their 11-0 record into the championship game of Girls Grades 4 to 5, and it was a nail-biter to the finish.  But our girls did it – they won the championship game to run the table and finish the season with a 12-0 record.  This is the fourth season of the MGBL, and it’s the first time any team has won the Championship with an undefeated record.

Pre-game Prep

Opening Jump


K sits


Time Out

Free Throw



Timeout 2




Girls Bench




Goldstein Girls

What a wonderful experience this has been for Kayla and her teammates.  The joys of going undefeated but more importantly, the life’s experiences of teamwork.  Kayla mastered her role of rebounder and defender, and managed some key baskets.  “Queen Rebounda”, we named her.  An incredible group of girls, with two incredible coaches, who played an incredible game, to cap one beautiful season.

2012 – 2013 Champion Sinai School Basketball Team of the MGBL-NJ

Championship Game MVP: Evie Gutlove

Coaches: Michael Gutlove & Chana Shields

Tikva Epstein, Kayla Goldstein, Evie Gutlove, Michal Meisels, Rosie Prince,

Talia Rapps, Sophia Ratzker, Emma Reich, Sarina Shields,

Samara Taubenfeld, and Kayla Zlotnick.

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2 Responses to Sinai School Runs The Table!

  1. nursesarina says:

    THANKS FOR BEING NOT ONLY HER #1 FAN….well besides her Oma….BUT KAYLA’S SUPPORT AND “OFF THE COURT” COACH…PRACTICING WITH HER WHEN YOU COULD (even when your knees begged otherwise…), GIVING HER TIPS IN ADDITION TO HER TEAM’S COACHES ADVICE, AND HELPING HER UNDERSTAND WHAT THE COACHES EXPECTED FROM HER…and of course unofficial team photographer! Kayla’s experience playing within the league was greatly enhanced by your presence, insights, and input!! THANK YOU!

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