What Juxtaposition Do You Play?

Beautifully written commentary on Andy Reid by Dan Klausner:


Dan didn’t get his wish.  Nor I doubt did my father who, at age 92, can only withstand so much agita.  At least Dad has an excuse.  He’s never seen a cable TV show and has no ESPN, so his glimpses of his old team are only through his relocated-to-Queens TV set at the mercy of free network programming, and these are the images he saw in tribute to what everyone seems to agree is Reid’s last game coaching the Birds.

Reid DousedReid Accolades on TVReid Nears Final ScoreReid Farewell to Coughlin

This was quite a contrast to the welcoming back of a coach to a city in which he is fully embraced.  Chuck Pagano signed autographs in his return to Indy from battling leukemia.  Perhaps the only Silver Lining in the Playbook for Andy Reid and the Eagles today was that they were not playing at home.  One can only imagine what would have poured on Andy’s head from the Phaithful at The Linc upon game’s end.  (Hint: It wouldn’t have been Gatorade.)  We all wish Andy Reid well in his personal life, but as with Michael Vick, one suspects that Coach Reid’s best days in the sport are behind him.  The contrast between where Pagano is headed and where Reid is going made for an interesting juxtaposition today, sports ever the metaphor for life.  Or at least a microcosm.

pagano large image(Getty Image Photo)

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2 Responses to What Juxtaposition Do You Play?

  1. Daniel Wohlgelernter says:

    Well written analysis of the Rise & Fall of Fat Andy.

  2. What’s your prediction on how and when the announcement is made?

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