Philadelphia is gaga over Hunter Pence.  You can see and hear it at the Phillies spring training games here in Clearwater.  “Hunner … we love you Hunner!”  Hunter graces the cover of the April issue of Philadelphia magazine, billing him as The Next Great Phillie.  Pence has taken over with the ladies where Jayson Werth left off, and the club is counting on him to supply even more of the offense lost now that Chase Utley is officially over-the-hill and Ryan Howard is …. well, Ryan Howard.  Love the look they gave Pence on the cover, wearing the road uniform of the 1900 Philadelphia Phillies.

“Hunner” isn’t only attracting female fans.  Here’s a Phils fan in Dunedin for the game against the Blue Jays a few days ago, sporting the Pence red socks look, and a signature aluminum foil fork no doubt in tribute to the infamous “Let’s Go Eat” post game interview comment to Sarge Matthews that “Hunner” made as he was becoming the darling of Philly last year.

If you’re a Phillies fan, irrespective of gender, you just have to love this guy, weird on-deck circle half-swing warm-ups, skinny legs and all.  He owns the town now, and perhaps even the state.

About Leonard J. Press, O.D., FAAO, FCOVD

Developmental Optometry is my passion as well as occupation. Blogging allows me to share thoughts in a unique visual style.
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2 Responses to Pencylmania!

  1. Excellent. The Mets brass official shrink has requested a new DSM listing for “pencil-envy”. Thanks for allowing us stiffs up north to watch Spring Training vicariously through your blogs and photos. I really enjoyed the month!

  2. Len Press says:

    Thanks, E. Glad you’ve enjoyed it. Looks like you’re not the only “E” who didn’t make it down here. Ed Rendell publicly stated his intent to come:
    — after a 20 year absence from Baseball Paradise. Evidently I began to come just as he stopped. I haven’t seen Rendell here this month, and when I asked David Montgomery if he’d heard anything about our most Philly-sports-addicted politico heading down, he said it was news to him. The guess is that even though Ed is out of office now, he’s still occupied with political obligations up there.

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