The Ocean Star

We were at Uncle Vinnie’s over the weekend to catch a falling star – Jackie the Jokeman – who has to be the most eco-friendly comedian, recycling the same jokes we heard the last time he graced Point Pleasant Beach with his presence.  Of course I’m giving the Jokeman tough love, the same treatment he gives his audience.   There was one moment that was decidedly different though it came when the show was over.  Jackie motioned a couple toward the stage, and announced that Jimmy Dowd was in the house – one of the best hockey players ever.

Here’s Jim Dowd in the twilight of career when he played for the Philadelphia Flyers.  Few hockey fans outside of Philadelphia would know that, for he made his mark in the sport as a hometown boy from Brick, New Jersey, in Ocean Township, helping the NJ Devils win the Stanley Cup in 1995.  Ice Hockey is a sport of sanctioned violence.  Though its concussions are not on a par of those sustained in boxing, they are attracting more attention.  This silent epidemic is finally being talked about openly.  Domestic violence is another silent epidemic, a global one at that, and it is one of many communal issues that Jim Dowd and his wife Lisa have embraced.

Jim and Lisa Dowd were dressed quite handsomely when the Jokeman summoned them to the front of the room.  They certainly cut a contrast with the rest of the crowd.  When I read The Ocean Star the next morning I realized that they had come to Uncle Vinnie’s straight from a fundraiser for Dottie’s House.   Their website describes Dottie’s House as a transitional housing facility designed to aid women and children who have survived domestic violence, proactively helping these families develop the life skills needed to become self-sufficient for their future financial and emotional independence.

The Dowds are a very special couple, and they are lauded in Ocean Township for their charitable works.  At our shore paradise, hometown boy makes good applies to Jimmy Dowd for much more than a hockey puck, stick, and skates.  Philanthropically he continues to shoot and score.

About Leonard J. Press, O.D., FAAO, FCOVD

Developmental Optometry is my passion as well as occupation. Blogging allows me to share thoughts in a unique visual style.
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