The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game

Gotta marvel at the series of moves in Phil-a-elphia sports over this weekend.  Though the Iggles GM Howie Roseman keeps pulling rabbits out of a helmet, the Phils GM Ruben Amaro Jr. captured my heart by snaring Hunter Pence from the Houston Astros.

Just love seeing Pence in red pinstripes, and as much as he’ll add defense, an accurate arm, and intelligence to the basepaths, his key role will be in bolstering this year’s highly inconsistent Phillies offense.  Howard, King of the Garbage Stats, is likely to see better pitches with Pence hitting behind him.  Was it a coincidence that Howard got 4 hits, 3 of them for extra bases, in Pence’s first game?  Not sure, but can’t recall the last time Howard had a 4 hit game.  All the cliches are true – this gives the lineup a better balance.  Phils fans are going to love Pence’s “lunch pail” work ethic, etc.  Who ever thought that Philadelphia sports teams would be characterized as “The Rich Get Richer”?  Now if only the Sixers could find some cash ….

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5 Responses to The Hunter Gets Captured by the Game

  1. Daniel Wohlgelernter says:

    Yes, I went on record that Ruben would never be able to capture this Hunter, and I am pleased to eat humble pie. I’ve always liked Pence’s game and I’m thrilled to see him as a Phillie. I do have this lingering sense of dread that Cosart will eventually be a dominant ace in the major leagues, and that we will have pangs of guilt at trading him away, but there ain’t no gain if there ain’t no pain.

  2. Len Press says:

    Didn’t you have that same apprehension with Drabek? Minor league aces are a dime a dozen, and too many can’t miss prospects miss. I’ll take my chances that Pence, at only age 28 and with a couple of years left on his contract, will prove to be a bigger boon than Cosart will be a loss.

  3. Daniel Wohlgelernter says:

    yes, I was and still remain apprehensive about losing Drabek. Nevertheless, I will jump on your bandwagon and hope to enjoy the ride all the way to a World Series victory (victories) !

  4. Len Press says:

    Don’t get me wrong; I would have loved to have gotten Pence for a song. But you have to give value to get value, and I truly believe Pence will make everyone around him in the lineup better. He energizes his teammates and the electrifies the fan base. We still have a nice pool of young pitching talent in the low minors, and Worley’s emergence out of nowhere is almost like a replacement for a groomed ace. Here’s to another parade, and to being World F-ing Champions, as Chase would say!

  5. Daniel Wohlgelernter says:

    Amen !

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