The Girls on Point Pleasant Beach

Well for this granddad, the girls that count on Point Pleasant Beach are my granddaughters, and their bar stools are pulled up to wholesome treats.

We do get out when they come to visit, and aside from frolicking in the sand and the waves (okay, they frolick and I drag the go-cart with the monster wheels chock full of beach toys with chairs stacked in all directions) we do manage to walk the boards and hang out at the rides.  What is it, by the way, with the town of Point Pleasant Beacher allowing such a warped set of planks in a public thoroughfare?  Under the Boardwalk isn’t just an oldie by The Drifters — it’s going to be theme song for where unsuspecting walkers wind up if those boards don’t get repaired soon.

Other than that, we really do have a swinging time,  particularly at Jenks.  It’s got the cutest rides, nicely balanced between rides for the little ones, a few rides for the bigger girls, and some that cut across all ages.  That includes the cute little train that makes two circuits around the little makeshift park, warning patrons to “Watch the Train Please”.

No respectable amusement park, irrespective of size, would be lacking for “Bumper Cars”.  Because the rides are clearly visible from across the lake that our condo overlooks, they appear to be part of our back yard.  The younger girls think it’s very generous of us to let all those people “go on our rides”, and only when they get older do we burst their bubble.

Naturally there are the requisite carnival games here – the water balloons, darts, some easy games and some impossible ones – for all levels of skills and thrills.  It would be far less expensive to buy the stuffed animal prizes, small medium, large or choice – but that’s not the point, as my girls would tell you.

About Leonard J. Press, O.D., FAAO, FCOVD

Developmental Optometry is my passion as well as occupation. Blogging allows me to share thoughts in a unique visual style.
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2 Responses to The Girls on Point Pleasant Beach

  1. David says:

    C’mon – sometimes you get help with go-cart full of toys. 🙂 – but then again its the least I could do ..

  2. Of course, I’m only referring to going out when you’re not there. 🙂

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