England Part 7 in Aerial Perspective

Two touristy things I’d recommend are The View from the Shard, and The Eye.  Tourist traps to be sure, but worthwhile nonetheless.

GB - Shard SunnyLondon - The ShardLondon - Shard UpLondon - Selfie from the ShardLondon - View from the Shard 2London - View from the Shard 3London - View from the Shard 1GB - Boarding the EyeGB - The Eye Car OpenGB - Ben at dusk from the eye carGB - Dusk from The EyeGB - pre-dusk EyeGB - Eye car in airGB - The Eye Inside CarGB - Eye's ViewGB - Moon from the EyeGB - The Eye IlluminatedGB - The Eye Overview

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England Part 6

Getting a leg up on some more daytime shots from across the Atlantic.  One more round to go of nighttime shots after this.

Tour - Courthouse 3Tour - Courthouse 2Tour - Courthouse 1Tour - 3D FarTour - 3D closeTour - 3D up close 2Tour - ChurchillTour - LincolnTour - Lincoln 2Tour - BuildingsTour - Building HistoricTour - blue chickenTour - Street performerTour - Punch TavernTour - People Journal BuildingTour - Buildings PrettyTour - Buildling upviewTour - Euro Bldg 2Tour - Euro Building

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England Part 5 – Good Times on the Thames

UK - Vision - InspireUK - Cruise SignUK - ThamesUK - Tower BridgeUK - Old ArchUK - Pretty on the ThamesUK - Nice BoatUK - River BoatUK - Lego BldgUK - Slant Apt on RiverUK- Penthouse AptUK - Boats on the Thames

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England Part 4

Upside down building.  Palm tree in the round.  Watson & Crick double helix building.  Bagpiper on Westminster.  View of the Thames through the bridge.  Miriam and the Lion.  The Lion in the Sun.  Miriam at Harrods.  Around Buckingham Palace.  Sitting on a park bench … time to shop!

England - Upside DownEngland - Palm TreeEngland - Double Helix BuildingEngland - Bagpiper on BridgeEngland - Keyhole ThamesEngland - M LionEngland - Lion in SunEngland - M HarrodEngland - M Harrod 2 England - M Harrod 3England - Horses to PalaceEngland - BP GatesEngland - Buckingham GatesEngland - M @ PadlockEngland - Palace FountainEngland - BP GardenEngland - TVEngland - Sitting on a Park BenchEngland - Sun Cloud RaysEngland - M Time to ShopEngland - Shoes England - ShoesEngland - I Love London

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England Part 3: The Tower of London and its Backdrop Bridge

Wiki has a great overview of The Tower of London, and here are some of my favorite photos of it from our trip, featuring The Red Poppy Project.  As beautiful as the poppy project is, and its commemoration of the death of British soldiers in World War I, it has generated some controversy about profit motives as reviewed in The Daily Mail.  Ah well, what’s a visit to the UK without a bit of controversy?

Tower EntranceTower FrockTower Back ViewTower - Traitor's GateTower ArchwayTower ElephantTower - CrowdTower God Save the KingTower View Through FenceTower Gorgeous Poppy View Tower Pretty Poppy View Tower side view poppyTower - Poppy SignTower Soldier BritTower GuardTower Crown JewelsTower GardensTower RaysTower VaneTower - AleTower - Bridge in BackgroundLondon Bridge Regress London Bridge FarLondon Bridge RegressLondon Bridge Midspan TrackLondon Bridge Closer TracksLondon Bridge CloseupLondon Bridge Selfie

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England Part 2

“Eng-a-lend Swings Like A Pendulum Do …”

London Westminster Abbey signLondon - Abbey in the SunLondon - Westminster Abbey Front Pretty London Westminster Abbey VisitorsLondon Jet Stream AbbeyLondon - Churchill StatueLondon Big Ben in SunLondon - GuardLondon - Elephant at TowerLondon - The Crown JewelsLondon Bridge and MeLondon Bridge CloseLondon Tower InternalLondon Tower Red PoppiesLondon Tower SignLondon BenchLondon Busy Street HotelLondon - View of County Hall Across ThamesLondon - Thames at DuskLondon - Thames at Night 1London From the EyeLondon - Carnival from the Eye

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Several Busy Days in the Land of Mr. Leitch

Just returned from the land where nearly everyone sounds as lovely as this young lady’s query to the tailor, entering his shop at the 2:16 mark of Si & Gar’s Fakin’ It: “Good Morning, Mr. Leitch.  Have you had a busy day?”

I’m no Mr. Leitch, but we did have several pleasantly busy days, touring London prior to joining colleagues in Birmingham for the ICBO Conference.  For the sake of posterity, or at least as long as WordPress stays in business, here is a pictorial overview.  I’ll split this up into several themes, the first of which was our base at the lovely Marriott County Hall.

London - Marriott Entrance SignLondon Marriott Walk ThroughLondon Marriott archwaysLondon - Marriott Miriam Walking ThroughLondon - Marriott Center CourtLondon Me Out of Hotel WindowLondon - Miriam from Chicken CoopLondon - View of Marriot WindowLondon - View out of Marriott Window ThamesLondon - StarbucksLondon - St Thomas' Hospital

The Marriott is located on the main drag, Westminster Bridge Road, overlooking the Thames River.  Natyrally there’s a lovely Starbucks round the corner, and we were surrounded by iconic landmarks such as Westminster Abbey and Big Ben, but one that didn’t dawn on me until the day tripping open air bus tour guide pointed it out was that we were right across from St. Thomas’ Hospital, professional home of Florence Nightingale.

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